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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Riding stables behind Nesbit Ferry Rd subdivisions causes controversy

AJC, Northside, 10/22/06, by Cynthia Daniels

Riding stables spur neighbors' outrage

From the story:
The 13-acre Sandy Springs parcel, with a green pasture sprinkled with wetlands, geese and a stream filled with fish, was enjoyed by many.

But it was owned by one.

And in January, Spencer Chang decided to transform his property into riding stables for his three daughters, all riding enthusiasts.

Although Fulton County had given Chang permission to build a barn on the land in 2004, the City of Sandy Springs needed to approve Chang's adding a bathroom to the barn and creating a riding ring.

They did.

Chang's neighbors, whose subdivisions sit off of Nesbit Ferry Road and whose backyards run along the strip of land, watched as dirt —- they say there was at least 200 truckloads full—- was brought in, then horses and a portable restroom and, finally, the portable horse jumps.

And all the while, they seethed.

"When I bought my house, they told me that nothing would ever be back there," said Deirdre Graf whose backyard borders the riding stables. "This man is filling in a flood plain. I can't even do anything to my yard because they say it's a flood plain and I'm watching this man bring the dirt in."


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