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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vernon Jones and Fran Millar on property tax cap

Dunwoody Crier, Front, 10/24/06, by Aileen Harris

Jones, Millar clash on property tax cap question

From the story:
DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones and state Rep. Fran Millar (R-Dunwoody) debated the merit of a Nov. 7 ballot question that if successful will essentially cap property taxes at current levels on owner-occupied homes for county government services for the next five years.

Under HB 595, which unanimously passed the House of Representatives last year and the senate 47-4 in March, over the next five years homeowners will receive a homestead exemption to offset increases in property values. Property taxes will not coincide with an increased home value until the property sells or the owner no longer uses the home as his or her primary residence. Any improvements or additions would be taxed at the market rate.


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