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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rats under Dunwoody jacuzzi make news...

AJC, Business, 11/07/06, By Matt Kempner

Bats in attic? Rats in walls? Time to call critter catchers

From the story:
Brett Whitfield, a technician for a local removal company, recalls one homeowner who was on the verge of tears recently when he pulled rats from under the Jacuzzi of her Dunwoody home.

Whitfield can't relate to the squeamishness he finds in metro Atlanta homes. On a recent call he gathered the tools of his trade —- dirty snap traps, a paste made of acorns, sunflower seeds —- and explained that if he'd been after squirrels instead of rats, the traps wouldn't have worked.

"Rats eat with their face. Squirrels eat with their hands," he said matter of factly.

One person's disgusting image is another person's bread and butter.


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