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Thursday, November 16, 2006

County Commission opposes City of Dunwoody

AJC, DeKalb/Rockdale, 11/15/06, by D.L. Bennett

DeKalb board opposes cityhood moves

From the story:
Dunwoody residents alone should not get to decide how many police officers patrol their streets or how properties in the community get developed. In fact, no local community in DeKalb should be able to break away from County Commission control and make such decisions.

That's the official position adopted by the Board of Commissioners Tuesday. In a 5-1 vote, the board said it would oppose Dunwoody or any other community in DeKalb creating a new city.
State Sen. Dan Weber, R-Dunwoody, said Tuesday the action was expected by a group he contends fears losing power and control through incorporation.

Any new city would take over such issues as planning, police, fire, parks and road work, the critical direct services for most residents. Commissioners would be relegated to issues such as health services, senior centers, libraries and the jail.

Weber said he hopes to have a vote before Dunwoody voters in June.

"DeKalb County is just so large. It's hard for a county commissioner to be responsive to 140,000 residents," Weber said.
In DeKalb, only Elaine Boyer voted against Tuesday's measure.


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