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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shoplifting story from our Costco in Sandy Springs

That’s a lot to stuff in your pants, ma’am

Officers met with Costco employees and a woman who was suspected of shoplifting. The woman apparently went to the video game section of the Peachtree-Dunwoody Road store and took an X-Box game, valued at over $50. Using a pair of scissors, she cut the plastic container and then placed the game in the front of her pants.

The woman admitted putting the game in her pants. A female officer checked the suspect for weapons, which is standard procedure before transporting a prisoner. To the surprise of the employees, the officer found the following, also in the suspect’s pants:

A package of socks.
Two blouses
A small Toro lawnmower.
Two boxes of Frontline flea control, which the officer sincerely hoped was for a dog and not the suspect.
I’m kidding about the Toro lawnmower.

The suspect said she had driven her boss’s car to the store and that her dog was still in the car. She was arrested, the car impounded and the dog was taken by animal control to be released to the suspect at a later time.

I hope the stolen items were cremated.


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